Buying USA made products

One of our motivations to build our ADU is to invest money back into the community and create jobs as locally as possible.  For us this means buying locally and buying products that are made in the USA.  For example, the kitchen cabinets boxes are being made in Roseburg and a local cabinetmaker is finishing and installing them.  But this gets more complicated with some products and the origin is harder to determine. Is a Japanese company that manufactures in the USA ok?  (My Subaru is made in Indiana).  Toto makes toilets in the USA but it's in Japan.  Bain Capital may own American Standard.  Should we skip that brand?  Kohler is the only company that makes cast iron tubs in the USA.  So that was easy.  Some of the top modestly priced toilets are made in China.  How much more should I pay for an American made product?  SIGH, no easy answers sometimes.  

Posted on March 19, 2013 at 8:24 pm
Cynthia Chase | Category: Uncategorized

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